Recycling in Tbilisi is real! (article outdated)

Have you been disappointed by no chance to separate the waste in Tbilisi, maybe except selling some types of used glass bottles for a few tetri to a warehouse in Borjomi street? Times are changing! Coop Georgia ( finally found the first place to put containters and collect the separated waste from public.

The collecting point is located at the entrance of the old hippodrome. On your left hand, there is a Coffee-in, on the right side, 3 containers are waiting for you. And what can you separate for recycling?

  • glass
  • paper (incl. cardboard)
  • plastic bottles

Good for the start, right?

Coop Georgia also provides collection of the separated waste from companies and offices, so if it’s your case, don’t hesitate to contact them! They are also looking for more places where to put containers for the public.

UPDATE: what happens to the waste you recycles? Check out the presentation: With paper, a factory in Tbilisi produces toilet paper. With glass, a factory in Ksani makes new bottles. With cardboard, a factory in Tserovani produces new cardboard. And with plastics, a factory in Iran makes new containers.

How to get to the public collecting point by public transport?

Closest metro station: Delisi

Buses going there: 21, 82, 87, 88, 140

Marshrutkas going there are: 4, 15, 44, 81, 122, 128, 137, 140, 171, 195

Taxi: ask for old Hippodrome or Vake-Saburtalo gamgeoba (local administration building which is across the street)

For locating the place better and for going there by car or a bicycle, use the map and the pictures:

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